The growing availability of data has severely shaken our world. Companies and not least sales must make use of it and benefit from the new phenomenon of data volume. MAVENLY inspires, supports and coaches specific sales departments to draw their attention to the new reality. We have been the preferred partner of leading national and international companies for more than 20 years. On the one hand, we take care of their sales. On the other hand, we offer companies to support in optimizing and modernizing their sales processes. We distinguish ourselves through our exceptional sales skills and proven methods.

We promote the growth of your business by providing you with experienced and trained salespeople who sell products or services in the B2B or B2C market. Part- or full-time, dedicated or multi-card. On the other hand, we have the know-how to support, optimize and modernize your sales team with words and deeds. In short, we can support your business in all areas of the sales process.

  • You want to introduce a (new) product, but you do not have an experienced sales team.
  • You want to deviate from the usual path and open up new markets, but you do not have the people for it.
  • You're struggling with seasonal sales, but you're lacking the salespeople to handle it.
  • You have no budget to hire sales staff, but you can invest in (temporary) sales representatives.
  • You want to focus on your product or service. The sale is not one of your core tasks or specialties and you want to outsource it completely.
  • You want external advice on how to optimize your current sales processes.
  • You want to challenge the status quo and look how to organise your sales activities in a different or better way.
  • You want to hire new sales talents on a permanent or temporary base to boost your sales.

Is your company looking for new distribution channels? Are you looking for an experienced partner to increase the visibility of your brand in retail? Do you want to improve your sales? Then MAVENLY is the answer!